DEZIBL : DJ since 1994



OFF Sonar /Barcelona, ADE /Amsterdam, Kafemat (Novi Sad),
Lasta (Belgrade), Carpe Diem Beach Club (Hvar), Kite WorldCup (Egypt), Fit4Fun, Sparkasse,
Königsburg/Krefeld, Dollhouse Clubbing, 1&1, Audi, VW, Sinn & Leffers, Polar,
Viva Comet Aftershow Party, Paul Mitchell, HouseBoot, Ringfest, Claas,
Sams (BI),Soundgarden, Go-Parc Herford, Residenz (PB), Sappho (PB)
Kick, Prime, DiscoDisco, Puro Beach Dresden, Emmanuelle (PB),
Q-Club (MU), Steffy´s Oberhausen, Liveclubbing Soundsystem
Cafe Europa, MAD Club, Kraftwerk Relax, Hermanns, Königshof and many more…


Teddy Cream – Summer Jam (Basti M & Bolinger Remix) (2019)

Cosmo Klein & The Campers – Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay (Bolinger Remix) (2019)

Kid Vincent – Nothing Left For Me (Bolinger Remix) (2019)

David Puentez – Believe ft. Shawnee Taylor (Basti M & Bolinger Remix) (2018)

Blaikz – All We Are ft. Vintage Neon (Basti M & Bolinger Remix)(2018)

Bolinger – Lost Inside EP (2017)

DJ Tonka – Show Me The Way (Bolinger Remix) (2016)

Cosmo Klein – Dreams (Bolinger Remix)(2016)

Tall Paul – Don´t Go (Bolinger Remix) (2016)

Pray For More ft. MJ White – Brothers & Sisters (Bolinger Remix) (2015)

Soheil ft. Ninorta – Love & Hangover (Bolinger Remix) (2015)



Flauschig – Lifting (Dry & Bolinger Remix) (Karmic Power Rec)

Tayllor, Nick Pappa – Deeper & Deeper (Dry & Bolinger Remix) (Caballero Rec)

Dry & Bolinger, Kennedy – Dizgo EP (Nite Grooves)

DAN:ROS, Barbara Tucker – Don´t Take Away My Music (Dry & Bolinger Remix) (Tonspiel)

Claus Casper, Kennedy – I Gotta Know (Dry & Bolinger Remix) (Moonbootique Rec)

Piero Scratch – Sunshine Groove  (Dry & Bolinger Remix)

Dry & Bolinger – Call Me EP (Street King Rec)

Dry & Bolinger, Kennedy – Love Sick EP (Erase Rec)

Claus Casper, Kennedy – Everybody (Dry & Bolinger Remix) (Deep & Under Rec)


Dry & Bolinger – Let Go (Moonbootique) (coming soon)

Jazzyfunk ft. Ron Carrol – Give It Up (Dry & Bolinger Remix)

Dry & Bolinger – Whooshit (Erase)


Dry & Bolinger – Going Down EP (Be One Limited)


Cosmo Klein – Dreams (Bolinger Remix) (Holotrax)

Alex M – Your Name (Dry & Bolinger Remix) (Safe Music/Italy)

Deep Lovin ft. DJ Dens (Kittball Records)

Waiting / Without Your Love (King Street Sounds)

Less Hate – My Detroit Players (Dry & Bolinger Remix)

Groove Gift EP (Nurvous Records)

Freiboitar – When We Went Insane (Dry & Bolinger Remix)


“The Soul / Alright EP“ (King Street Sounds)
“Say You Care (Single)“ (Mother Recordings)
“Tell Her EP“ (Milk & Sugar Recordings)
“Ben Delay – I Don’t Know“ (Dry & Bolinger Remix)
(Da Way/Sex PandaWhite)
Stu Patrics – Run & Hide (Dry & Bolinger Remix)
“Ante Perry ft. Cosmo Klein – One More Try “
(Dry & Bolinger Remix) (Kallias)
Ce Ce Rogers ft. Moodlofe – Rumors & Lies (Dry & Bolinger Remix)
Mauro Mondello ft. Ce Ce Rogers & Afrob – Fell In Love (Dry & Bolinger)
Got Back / Raise Up
(Milk & Sugar Recordings)


„Feel The Bass EP“ (Mother Recordings)

„Sugarstarr vs. GoH – I Used To Be (Dry & Bolinger Remix)“ (Milk & Sugar Recordings)

„Leave – I Didn´t Miss You (Dry & Bolinger Remix)“ (Emma Music)

„Cosmo Klein – Diggin For Gold (Dry & Bolinger Remix)“ (Kittball Records)


dry & bolinger – say what (Superlative Tracks Volume 2 EP)
Mother Recordings

Cosmo Klein & The Phunkguerilla – Pray now (dry & bolinger remix)
Cosmopolytix Rec.



Jayage & Bolinger – Like It Like That (PPmusic)

Jayage & Bolinger – Never Stop (PPmusic)

Jayage & Bolinger – House Music (Disco Balls Rec.)

Project: funky dice & dezibl

funky dice & dezibl – keep it down (2011)
Suka Records

funky dice & dezibl – I say 2 U (2012)
Suka Records

funky dice & dezibl – i feel it (2012)
Sume Music

Lucas Reyes & Rafael Saenz – I see funky dice & dezibl remix (2012)
Suka Records

Tonio Liarte – Cerebral Storm funky dice & dezibl remix (2012)
Suka Records

funky dice & dezibl remix (2012)
Suka Records

Tiff & Trashkid ft. Vivi – Life belongs to you funky dice & dezibl remix (2012)
Suka Records

Mark Bale feat. Stella o´Neil- You (funky dice & dezibl remix) (2012)
Fadersport Rec.

Project: Groove Bandits (Pasta Records/KNM) , deziBL & JayAge

Get Up   EFF:ZET Rec.
OxyLove/Bam Betty Secret Service
Cosmo Klein & Phunkguerilla – I´ll make you feel Groove Bandits Rmx
Ministry of Sound/Germany´s Next Topmodel Sampler
Crew 7 – Eye of the tiger Alex Gap vs. Groove Bandits Rmx
Attention Rec
Montesano & Katuin – Take a look at me Groove Bandits Rmx
Pasta Rec
2008 /2009
Groove Bandits – Sing Hallelujah Pasta Rec
Syke´n´Sugarstarr & DBN ft. Cosmo Klein – My belief
deziBL & JayAge Rmx WePlay Rec
• incl. Remix by Grammy Nominee Jean Elan, Brockman & Basti M, deziBL & JayAge
• supported by Axwell, Norman Doray, Sandy Rivera, Eddie Thoneick, Bad Boy Bill,
Michael Feiner, Chris Lake, Fuzzy Hair, Dabruck & Klein, Tristan Garner,
Wippenberg, Kid Massive, Alex Kenji, Phil Fuldner, Wally Lopez, Muzzaik,
and many many more!!!

• DDC (German Dance Charts) #1
(highest new entry in the DDC, then for 10 weeks in, several weeks on #1 /
/ remix package #3 in the bullets, this week highest new entry on #9)


Groove Bandits – The Beat The Night
Suka Records